FOGOIL Global Services, while a core Oil and Gas Services company, is an increasingly diversified, non-conventional and fully integrated conglomerate. Our sole aim is to provide both international and local value-added products and services that meet the needs of the industries and people where we operate.


The Group aims to have an operational footprint in every continent with a focus on building local manufacturing capacity to generate employment, while transforming its portfolio of businesses to continue that pioneering leadership in the new technological era.


Our current interests include Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Lubricants, Machinery, Engineering Design and Financial Services.

Our people and interests are global, diverse and dedicated, operating with the highest integrity and passion to fulfill the FOGOIL mission and deliver for our customers.



Key Services Offered :

  • Oil & Gas prospecting including evaluation and pre-drilling setup.
  • Developing products, services and machinery associated with the oil and gas exploration and production process.
  • Upstream, Midstream, Downstream process consulting and optimization.


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Oil & Gas

Our Core Services

Material Engineering

We are at the forefront of material properties that give value and open the door to new technologies, whether they are in civil, chemical, construction, nuclear, aeronautical, agricultural, mechanical, biomedical or electrical engineering.

Oil & Lubricants

We offer expert advice, support and case studies and can manufacture a range of oils to meet various industrial requirements of all our customers all based on the Triple Protection legacy of performance – optimizing High Performance engines and equipments. .

Mechanical Engineering

From Conceptual Engineering to Validation and Testing, we use a rigorous process to optimize designs and prepare a product for volume manufacturing .

Front-End Engineering & Design

We produce quality process and engineering documentation of sufficient depth, defining the project requirements for detailed engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction of facilities and supporting a ±10 percent project cost estimate.

Exploration, Development & Production

From acquiring license block interests from resource-rich countries to surveying and evaluation, we determine commercially viable locations and then develop processing and production systems. We continuously bid for new license block interests for oil and gas deposits.

Power & Energy

Utilizing distributed, digitally-enhanced, and low-carbon technologies, we converge a mix of traditional and emerging, physical and digital technologies – both large and small – to co-create the future of energy, providing safe, efficient, reliable, and affordable power to drive economic growth and raise living standards around the world.

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